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Delali Ayivi is following in the footsteps of one of Togo’s first photographers

Togolese German Fashion photographer Delali Ayivi has made a name for herself with some high-profile shoots, including photographing Aminata Touré, Germany’s first Black minister, for the cover of Vogue Germany last year. But her rapid success since starting professionally in 2019 shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: after all, photography is in her blood. Ayivi […]

Cleveland museum sues to block seizure of $20M headless statue

The Cleveland Museum of Art is attempting to block the seizure of a headless bronze statue that US investigators believe was once stolen from Turkey. In a legal challenge filed last week, the Ohio institution said Manhattan’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg had provided “insufficient” evidence that the artwork had ever been looted — or even […]

Ancient face carvings exposed as Amazon water level drops to record lows

Manaus, BrazilReuters —  Human faces sculpted into stone up to 2,000 years ago have appeared on a rocky outcropping along the Amazon River since water levels dropped to record lows in the region’s worst drought in more than a century. Some rock carvings had been sighted before but now there is a greater variety that will help researchers […]

Halloween portraits on the New York City subway are a ‘fantastical ride’

Fluorescent lighting, dark tunnels, scurrying rats and questionable dripping: New York City’s subway stations could serve as a spooky backdrop on nearly any day, but around Halloween, the sprawling subterranean system comes alive with bustling costumed figures — all of whom have somewhere to be, thanks. For nearly two decades, one New York photographer, who […]

Egypt’s pyramids host stunning works of art

On the plateau overlooking the ancient Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, a major outdoor art exhibition brings together the work of 14 international contemporary artists who have created site-specific installations responding to the iconic monuments. In one project, a new pyramid structure emerges in wicker; in another, glass sculptures appear to make the ancient pyramids […]